Parallax History

The Story (Written by Yolk / Parallax)

Parallax was first formed in '89 or '90 by some local friends like Metal,
Simply and Guru & Stratos / Sahara Surfers. From that time there exists only
one decent production, an intro called Phonebill. Something happened and
Parallax died in '91, but some of them joined to form Decept, which in '91
was a very talented group overally with members like Dizzy, Groo, Guru,
Stratos etc. Just before they were gonna have meetings Decept died, but
Simply, Metal, Bandog and some other guys reformed Parallax, and the first
intro from this 'new' Parallax, named Laama, saw the daylight at those
meetings. All this happened in 1991. Soon after this Parallax got more
members and in '92 came some major productions and Parallax got quite known
in Finland. The year 1992 has been the golden age in our history with
everyone being so scene-scene, active and productive. This seems to be
changing now, due to our sudden world success after our last 3 demos... :)

All the members are Finnish, and this shall be forever!-)
Currently Metal, Mike, Sardiini and Top-Azz seem to be a little inactive. :)

Allah is a former swapper/trader and nowadays sysopping the one and only
Parallax board, The Chameleon.

Bandog is a coder who used to be quite active with productions like Leather
Dream, Metro II and Critical Mass in '92, but has losed his 'touch' to
the scene and nowadays only seldomly codes something (e.g. the glass and
spike-ball in dEEP). He keeps telling that he'll code something again now
that his school started and there's nothing else to do, but we'll see. :)
He still has a rusty old Amiga 500 which is also a reason for being inactive
I guess...

Debug is the other coder behind our most famous productions Drool This, dEEP
and ZiF. He was found in the spring '94 from a small Finnish group called
Depth, and Simply (who was the only PRX-dude he knew back then) asked him to
join and luckily he did. After Debug's joining Simply got some motivation
and started coding after a year's pause, and after this we have been like
an active group again..

Hijack is a trader, a co-sysop of The Chameleon and an official ANSI-artist!-)
He's Sardiini's very good friend, and at the Assembly '94 Sardiini asked
the rest of us to take him in. Since Sardiini is one of the "old" members who
have been in Parallax from the beginning, we respected his opinion on this
one and let Hijack join. :)

Legend is a musician who has been in Parallax from the year '92. He was in
Addonic SF before, along with guys like Epidemic and Ukulele / Banal Projects
and Mac / Stellar. Some may still remember his tunes in the Addonic pack-
menus and Message Centers. :) Later on he has done music for Critical Mass,
Drool This, dEEP, ZiF (and dEEP Remix). He's currently involved with some
commercial "underground" techno projects like O.O.B.E.

Metal is a former sysop of Boomtown and one of the founders of PRX. He's
nowadays quite inactive (lots of work and school) and will join the Finnish
army in some days.

Mike is a coder who has released just two intros in his whole life! And the
other one was for Ksylitol... :D He's always been coding just for his own
fun, finding out if he can manage to do the effects some other coders have
done, and after finding out that he can manage to do them he has just dropped
the projects. :) He's currently in the army.

Mistral is a graphician and our youngest member. He is Legend's friend and
due to his persuading he draw the graphics for our Wolf3D engine, Poom, and
we took him in at the Assembly '94 I guess.. :) Some of his graphics are also
used in Drool This and ZiF.

Sardiini was a swapper and trader, formerly known as DefJef and Geffen. He's
been inactive for some years now but as Hijack's friend he still gets to know
what's going on in Parallax.

Simply, the other coder behind Drool This and ZiF (he did only one routine
for dEEP). He's one of the oldest members and finished army a month before
the Assembly '95 but still managed to do hell of a lot code for ZiF. :)

Top-Azz used to compose tunes for our productions, in 1992. Has been quite
inactive since but still composes something now and then.

Tukan joined from the remnants of Decnite in autumn '94. He's a graphician
whose work has so far been used only in ZiF.

Warthog has been in Parallax since The Other Founding :) . He used to draw
some pixels but nowadays renders and models stuff with Lightwave.

Yolk is a musician who joined from Sonik Clique (plain "Sonic" back then :)
in the summer '93. Responsible for some of the music in Drool This, dEEP (and
dEEP Remix), for example. There's no special organizer, since everyone seem
know eachothers quite well and discuss things over phone/IRC/E-Mail. However,
I (Yolk :) take care of all the general stuff like updating a Parallax internal
news/memberinfo file and kicking some coder arses. ;) 

Copyright © 1993 - 2021, Henri Judén ( Warthog / Parallax )